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My name is Adrian Milliner, a Java programmer by trade, and a Mac user by choice.

This might make me an odd candidate for writing about PowerShell, but I like new technology and learning new languages, so PowerShell intrigued me.

I use and develop for a number of platforms, including Windows, but until now, Windows was the only one without a proper shell. So well done Microsoft! All you’ve got to do now is ship it with Windows as standard, so it actually gets used.

I live in Limehouse, East London, UK, so apologies if I spell “colour” wrong.

Why “soapyfrog?” Why not.

Stuff I used in the making of this blog

My main hardware is a MacPro running Mac OS X. I never get viruses, or malware, or have to reinstall the OS, and updates are managed well, with little intervention from me. It just works.

To give me that Redmond experience, I use Parallels Desktop and XP Home. This gives me a throw-away Windows PC, which is quite handy when things like .net 3 and XNA fail to install properly and hose the whole OS.

In the Mac world, I use TextMate for most text editing needs and CSSEdit for css work. Both are excellent products and well worth their modest fees.

When at the command line I’ll often use vim. It’s free and everywhere.

In the Windows world (for all the PowerShell stuff) I use gvim with a PowerShell syntax highlighter. For developing Snap-Ins, I use Visual C# Express, or just compiling stuff manually from the command-line. For cross-platform C# I use Mono and Nant. All free.

The blog itself is powered by WordPress, hosted at my service provider DreamHost.

To get extra content to and from there, I use command line ssh/sftp or the same via Cyberduck.

I test using Safari, Firefox 2 (Mac and Windows) and IEs 6 and 7.

The small icon graphics are from the Silk Set by Mark James. Thanks!

However, to see them you’ll need to use a modern, standards compliant browser like Safari or Firefox. IE (not even 7) seems to like the CSS I’ve used to show them.