Grrr, Cmdlets and PSInvaders revival

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Grrr, Cmdlets and PSInvaders revival

On February 15, 2007, Posted by , In Announce,Grrr,Invaders,PowerShell, With Comments Off on Grrr, Cmdlets and PSInvaders revival

Still not much happening here, again partly due to being busy with other things, and also the final arrival of my Wii.

Anyways, I’ve almost completed the transition of Grrr to Cmdlets and it’s looking very promising as this screen shot shows (I get 50fps with only 20% cpu load doing this):

Big Invaders

I intend to redo the original PSInvaders using Grrr, with more authentic gameplay and original graphics.

The scrolling tilemap support is looking good, so games like Gauntlet, Scramble and Super Mario Brothers should be possible… all scripted in PowerShell.

So apologies for the low post volume recently and please do watch this space.

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