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Making functions *really* read-only

On January 26, 2007, Posted by , In Odd,PowerShell, With 2 Comments

Over at the excellent PowerShell Team Blog, Bruce Payette wrote about Controlling PowerShell Function (Re)Definition. However, making a function constant does not prevent it from being shadowed in child scopes. Given that a child scope is created in any script, new function definition or script block, this makes it very…

What colour is yours?

On January 8, 2007, Posted by , In Odd,PowerShell, With 3 Comments

I noticed something very odd today. My PowerShell console thinks that the default white text is actually “DarkYellow.” If I set it to “White” there is no visible difference. What colour is your default console? Update: I’ve found a use for “darkyellow” being white. When you run something like findstr…