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Script Updates

On January 10, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,PowerShell, With Comments Off on Script Updates

After receiving feedback from a few people (thanks!), I’ve updated two of the scripts posted here previously. Convert images to text (ASCII art) This had a problem where a division by zero error would occur if the specified image file wasn’t fully qualified. Fixed script is here: convert-image2text.ps1. Console screen…

Convert images to text (ASCII art)

On January 7, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,PowerShell,Utility, With 6 Comments

Recently, whilst messing with sprites and the Grrr framework, I got thinking about better graphics for games. As PowerShell is very slow at doing console atomic write operations, a game should really have fewer, larger sprites. I then thought about ASCII art, and wouldn’t it be great if PowerShell could…

Console screen grabs in html

On January 6, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,PowerShell,Utility, With 4 Comments

[Updated 25 Jan 2007, well rewritten 🙂 ] Something I find myself doing a lot is getting a screen shot of a PowerShell console window and posting it some place. Unfortunately, its always a bitmap, and occasionally, I want it as formatted text. Now, the console is readable via $host.ui.rawui.GetBufferContents,…


On January 5, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,PowerShell, With 1 Comment

Some time ago, I wrote a Sudoku solver in Java, along with an editor, interactive hint mode, puzzle generator etc, but the project never got finished because of feature creep and I generally got a bit bored of it all. This morning, I resurrected the project and implemented the solver…


On January 3, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,Grrr,PowerShell, With 1 Comment

Despite the title, this is not a rant 🙂 Grrr is a pet project of mine that came after the exploratory work with psinvaders. I was somewhat dissatisfied with myself for doing so much without seeing how else it could be done, especially with respect to drawing of images, animation,…

Space Invaders

On January 2, 2007, Posted by , In Cool,Invaders,PowerShell, With 8 Comments

In a previous post I said that I always like to try to write space invaders in every language that I learn. Well, PowerShell in the standard Windows console window looked like a great candidate so I set about the task in my spare time. My colleagues Richy King, Nik…