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Updated get-bufferhtml

On January 25, 2007, Posted by , In Announce,Cool,PowerShell,Utility, With 2 Comments

A while back, I posted an article: Console screen grabs in html.

I fixed some bugs and added a couple of new features to the script get-bufferhtml.ps1, and have updated the article with examples.


2 Comments so far:

  1. Are you missing a the function declaration before the param line?

    (Great site and I’m really enjoying your posts!)

  2. adrian says:

    No, this is just executed as a script. If it’s in your path, you can just type get-bufferhtml and it will execute it.

    Otherwise, if in the current dir, you can do:

    ./get-bufferhtml.ps1 [args]

    The previous version was a function, but I found it a little to big to be cluttering up my profile.

    Thanks for reading!